Angelica’s Discoveries

High in the Swiss Alps in a quaint village far away from the chaos and destruction of World War II, Angelica leads an idyllic childhood haunted by only one thing – her fear of the water. But Angelica develops into a strong, independent woman, her desire to travel becomes overpowering, and she vows to overcome her paralyzing fear one day. Now the chance has come.

Even as Angelica’s father attempts to squelch her desire to explore Greece and eventually meet Uncle Victor in the New World, Angelica secures a job as a travel guide to Greece. Here she meets the old Greek Sea Captain, Angelis, who adds wisdom and comfort to her first voyage he has no idea that an unexpected adventure awaits them in the unpredictable Mediterranean Sea. Strengthened by her traumatic experience, Angelica safely arrives in Greece where she quickly proves herself in her new job. But when she is pursued by a handsome Greek, she soon realizes that her heart lies with someone else.

Angelica’s heart leads her in a new direction, she must bravely face her fear once again as she embarks on a challenging adventure to the New World where her true destiny awaits.

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