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Author Otilia Greco’s novel, Angelica’s Discoveries: Romance and Journey to the New World is a moving tale of discovery; an adventure about a brave woman’s journey to find herself.

Angelica is a woman living in the Swiss Alps during World War II. While her father prefers her to stay home, she wants to travel to America and visit her beloved Uncle Victor. She leaves Switzerland to become a tourist’s guide in Greece. While traveling, she ultimately falls in love and marries. When her husband Mark leaves Europe for America, Angelica leaves behind everything she knows to travel to accompany him, finally seeing her Uncle Victor and creating a new life.

Angelica’s Discoveries is a charming and uplifting novel. Angelica is a courageous character that fights her fears with a tenacity that’s admirable. From facing her small fear of water by sailing on boats to her larger fear of defying her father by moving overseas to the United States, she is a true hero in this novel. The romantic elements of Angelica’s Discoveries are also a touching part of the story. Angelica’s relationship with Mark throughout their trek across America is a testament to true love.

Greco’s writing captures the full dimensions of the characters. Her vivid descriptions of Europe and America during World War II will transport readers back in time. Greco grew up in the Swiss Alps and describes the beautiful scenery with an unparalleled first hand recollection in this novel. The descriptions of the boats across Europe showcase the dangers of travelling at the time. Greco’s writing about Angelica and Mark’s adjustment to life in America captures the arduous journey immigrants experienced once they reached their adopted homes.

Angelica’s Discoveries would be a great choice for readers who want a novel about a light romance with an inspirational message. Angelica’s Discoveries will especially inspire female readers of romance or historical romance novels with her strong female protagonist. This story would also be an excellent choice for those who like historical fiction like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, or books about immigrants in America such as Willa Cather’s My Antonia. This book will also appeal to book clubs and readers that are looking to discuss new novels that explore complex issues such as immigration in a simple, relatable way.

Angelica’s Discoveries
is an empowering story that is short, but will leave a long impression on readers.




Angelica’s Discoveries
by Otilia Greco

reviewed by Otilia Greco

“Magic stories told to a child can affect her whole life.”

As a young girl Angelica was fascinated by the stories her father told. While some involved family history, others referenced Greek mythology and the vast Mediterranean. One Cinderella-type tale connected Angelica’s grandparents to a special golden charm. Determined to unravel its mystery, Angelica ultimately embarks on a journey filled with adventure and discovery. As a tour guide in Greece, Angelica encounters a wise old sea captain who takes her under his wing. His knowledge not only helps to alleviate her long-standing fears, but he proves to be a guardian presence throughout Angelica’s travels.

Otilia Greco’s fictional story places notable emphasis on Greek heritage by exploring the rich culture, history, and strong family bonds. As romance seems to go hand in hand with the beauty of Greece, we see the pressing intensity of one handsome suitor, consequently push Angelica toward another. Marriage and family ensue. With relocation and travel across the U.S., they experience Manhattan’s diversity, cowboys in the West, Las Vegas glitz, and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. The ebb and flow of the Pacific offers a necessary calm, as they settle in California. Greco adds to the romantic, fairy tale quality of this story as luck and coincidence buoy the characters. Here it takes the form of ideal job opportunities, letters finding their way to distant relatives, and strangers that help her to reconnect with long lost family. Surprising revelations about the family amulet help bring the narrative full-circle.

With many similarities to the Angelica character, Greco has clearly drawn inspiration from much of her own background in writing this book. The resulting romance proves a charming transference about following your heart, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing lifelong dreams.

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“There were hundrets of entries from around the world and your book was selected for its high quality writing, design and market appeal.”

19th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


Author: Otilia Greco

Title: Dreams an Odyssey of Love and Mystery

Category: Mainstream/Literary Fiction

Judge: 43





On a scale 1 to 5, with 1 meaning ‘poor’ and 5 meaning ‘excellent’, please evaluate the following:

Plot:                                                       3

Grammar                                                5

Character Development                          4

Production quality and cover design       4


Judges Commentary:

What did you like best about this book?

The writing sparkles with this author’s passion for understanding the ways of the heart, and her compassion for the human experience with all of its ups and downs, especially in the area of romantic love. The author paints a vivid portrait of Nina’s journey through life; of the joys and travails of putting one’s heart on the line and making oneself vulnerable through the act of giving the heart. The author also inspires with their resiliency in healing and personal growth. The cast of characters encountered on this literary journey is, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry the narrative, which prompts the reader’s interest in wanting to know what, will happen next.

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